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Transportation Company in Sarasota, Florida

Get to your destination safely and promptly with services from Florida Sunshine Express, a transportation company based in South West Florida. From our door to door airport transportation to all 5 area airports, our exclusive fixed stop, very affordable Tampa International Airport shuttle service in Sarasota County, and any trip in, around, or out of town, we've got the service you need.

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Florida Sunshine Express is a for-hire car and van service that provides transportation to area airports, cruise terminals, area events and excursions and entertainment outings. We also offer an hourly car service rate for local errands or specially requested reservations. Our experts will set up a range of ride options and price structures, depending on the service and fare requested.

Honda Odyssey - side, Transportation Company in Sarasota, FloridaWe provide cost-effective and affordable economy shuttle transportation to all area airports, and a range of options, from single-passenger, semi-private and private cars or vans as needed. Additionally, we offer a concierge service, upon request, for our clients who require "that thoughtful and special touch," or for specific assistance or extra planning for their ride. Our company promotes a combined marketing program, in conjunction with other small businesses in the area, for mutual and shared marketing and advertising opportunities.

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Florida Sunshine Express has a tiered group of vehicles--a mid-size luxury sedan, a comfortable, adaptable and fuel-efficient, medium-sized van, and a 11-passenger, full-sized van. These vehicles were selected to offer the greatest comfort and savings to our clients, the environment, and to our company. The vehicles are "wrapped" for identification and visibility, and offer accessibility to our passengers with special needs. All vehicles have emergency equipment on board, and are equipped with state-of-the-art communication, GPS, navigation, and vehicle-operation safety packages. We have up to 2 children's car seats and a booster-seat if needed.


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